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Aug 21, 2010 Pickups

* Chihaya Kisaragi "arcadia" by KabukinP

Chihaya Kisaragi "arcadia"

Chihaya Kisaragi "arcadia" (03:00)

2010-08-20 Posted
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The most longed dream in THE iDOLM@STER fan community is to go into the screen. The most skillful creators in the NicoM@S Community finally realized the dream! KoukatsuZenraTomitakeP, ntmP, Gen-shi and KabukinP played instruments and Chihaya sang a song on the same stage. Never miss it!

* KOTOKO "Princess Bride!" feat. Ai, Ryo and Eri by MCFP

KOTOKO "Princess Bride!" feat. Ai, Ryo and Eri

KOTOKO "Princess Bride!" feat. Ai, Ryo and Eri (04:02)

2010-08-20 Posted
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5th MMD Cup Championship is now going on. There are many 3D models of THE iDOLM@STER idols for MMD, and many entries using them are being uploaded. We pick up a nice reproduction of the classic masterpiece of the NicoM@S Community. Enjoy both!

* The trailer of "Hikaru Utada and Makoto Kikuchi Medley"

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WakamuraP and other leading 16 creators will release a monumental medley soon. The combination of Utada Hikaru, a Japanese diva, and Makoto Kikuchi is quite popular in the NicoM@S Community, and there are many cool works. However, this will be the first omnibus medley of the combination. Look forward to August 28(JST)!

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