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Aug 30, 2010 Pickups for Makoto's Birthday

* Makoto's Bifthday

It was Makoto's birthday on August 29. There are many celebrating movie for the day on NicoNicoDouga. Among them we pick up fine works, today!

* Makoto Kikuchi "Kamen Butou Kai(Masquerade)" by moguP

Makoto Kikuchi "Kamen Butou Kai(Masquerade)"

Makoto Kikuchi "Kamen Butou Kai(Masquerade)" (02:22)

2010-08-29 Posted
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The first one is a MAD movie using covered song by Makoto in Master Artist 04 CD. MoguP's style is quite orthodox, and this is also an orthodox and nice movie. Enjoy her dance and song!

* Makoto Kikuchi "Agent Yoru-wo Iku(The Agent Departs at Night)" by AnsokukoP

Sorry, sm11915297 was deleted.

This is also a movie using an official song by Makoto. It shows a story told in the lyrics of the song featuring Makoto and Yukiho. Enjoy its erotic atmosphere!

* Iori Minase "Futari-no Kioku(Memory of Two) -Strings of Life-" by TomoP, UshiwakaP, Die-ToryoP, orgoneP and TPTP

Iori Minase "Futari-no Kioku(Memory of Two) -Strings of Life-"

Iori Minase "Futari-no Kioku(Memory of Two) -Strings of Life-" (04:39)

2010-08-29 Posted
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Though this is not one for Makoto's birthday, we can not hesitate to pick it up. If you have watched NicoM@S MAD movies for a while, you can expect how the movie is great with just watching names of its creators. We believe that your expectation will come true. Never miss it!

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