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Sep 29, 2010 Pickups

* Ryo Hirohashi, Megumi Toyoguchi, Sachiko Kojima, Noriko, Kuwajima and Rina Sato "STAR RISE" feat. Miki, Iori, Makoto and Yukiho by AnsokukoP

Today's first pickup is AnsokukoP's fine work featuring quartet of idols. It looks like showing a story of lyrics with his self-made stages. Enjoy the variety!

* Sayaka Sasaki "Real Star" by abP

Sayaka Sasaki "Real Star"

Sayaka Sasaki "Real Star" (02:04)

2010-09-26 Posted
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The second one is also a cheerful movie featuring all idols. This is one of the finest work using THE iDOLM@STER 2 material so far. Enjoy its excellent synchronization.

* MINASE Iori "at Canary Islands" by MizukageP

MINASE Iori "at Canary Islands"

MINASE Iori "at Canary Islands" (03:44)

2010-09-28 Posted
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The latest work of MizukageP whose non-animation style is unique in the NicoM@S Community is a picture-story show in Vincent van Gogh like touch. It is quite excellent that a little grown Iori plays on the beach in a southern island.

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