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Oct 04, 2010 Pickups

* "Kana Nishino Medley" feat. Miki by keykeiP

"Kana Nishino Medley" feat. Miki

"Kana Nishino Medley" feat. Miki (03:39)

2010-10-02 Posted
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Today's first pickup is keykeiP's excellent work. Though there are omnibus medley MAD movies made by many creators in the NicoM@S Community, this was made just by keykeiP. Enjoy its variety and unity of the style!

* fripSide "only my railgun" feat. Miki, Iori, Chihaya and Yayoi by ramutoP

Sorry, sm12318833 was deleted.

The second one is a maiden work of a skillful new comer, ramutoP. He/She made a reproduction of used song's official promotion video featuring THE iDOM@STER idols. Though it looks quite natural, its consists of incredible amount of work and technique. Let's look forward to his/her next work!

* KOBAYASHI You "HANAJI" feat. Yukiho by DodonpachiP

KOBAYASHI You "HANAJI" feat. Yukiho

KOBAYASHI You "HANAJI" feat. Yukiho (03:39)

2010-10-04 Posted
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Though this movie uses the opening song of "Maria Horic," it sounds that Yukiho sings because of similarity of their voices. When she is excited with getting rid of all her worries, her song may sound like this. It shows perfect service spirit with costume modification and hand-drawings. Expected DodonpachiP did it!

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