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Oct 25, 2010 Pickups

* pop'n music 18 "Suwa Hideo-no Goro-Goro Nengo Oboe Uta Kettei-ban" by TsukasaP

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The meaning of the title is "Suwa Hideo's pun song to remember when historic events happened." Among Japanese student, such a kind of puns is popular method to study history. However, it is enough funny for non-Japanese speakers to enjoy because it shows nice video effects and synchronization.

* school food punishment "sea-through communication" feat. Chihaya by AikaP

school food punishment "sea-through communication" feat. Chihaya

school food punishment "sea-through communication" feat. Chihaya (02:07)

2010-10-21 Posted
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The second one is a nice maiden work of AikaP. Though it doesn't use showy effects such as self-made stage and so on, the movie has a refined atmosphere with partial monochrome scenes. Let's look forward to his/her next work!

* Suneo Hair "Waltz" feat. Yayoi by FIP

Suneo Hair "Waltz" feat. Yayoi

Suneo Hair "Waltz" feat. Yayoi (01:55)

2010-10-25 Posted
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Happy Halloween! Its creator, FIP, said "If Yayoi says me 'Trick or Treat!,' I do not hesitate to answer 'Trick!'" By the way, "Su-Kombu(pickled weed)" in the movie is one of the least fun snacks for kids in Japan.

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