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Nov 02, 2010 Pickups

* SUPERCAR "Sunday People" feat. Haruka by KuroNukoP

SUPERCAR "Sunday People" feat. Haruka

SUPERCAR "Sunday People" feat. Haruka (02:45)

2010-11-01 Posted
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Today's first pickup is KuroNukoP's latest work. He has made hand-drawing MAD movies before, and it is also another one. However it shows mysterious reality, because of retouched pictures of its background. Though it is quite difficult to write how it is so superb, its current Mylist/View ratio, over 18%, tells it. Never miss!

* Yuki Kimura "LOVE & JOY" feat. Tomomi by YamadaJirouP

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Since the release of Maou Angel's high quality 3D models, many MAD movies featuring the unit has been made by various creators in the NicoM@S Community. "Love & Joy" is one of standard numbers in MMD category because its nice 3D motion data is available freely. YamadaJirouP just let Tomomi dance it! Enjoy her beautiful and cheerful dance!

* Ai Nakajima "Interplanet Flight(Seikan-Hikou)" from Macross Frontier feat. Chihaya by NeyowwwP

Ai Najajima "Interplanet Flight(Seikan-Hikou)" from Macross Frontier feat. Chihaya

Ai Najajima "Interplanet Flight(Seikan-Hikou)" from Macross Frontier feat. Chihaya (01:52)

2010-11-01 Posted
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Once upon a time, there were three MAD movie creators called "Chihaya Disease Three Musketeers" who exclusively made movies featuring Chihaya, only NeyowwwP remains to continuously work. But do not worry! He has three times vitality! Do not miss not only Chihaya's dance scenes but inserted communication ones.

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