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Nov 05, 2010 Pickups

* "Voc@loidM@ster Festival 4 Opening"

"Voc@loidM@ster Festival 4 Opening"

"Voc@loidM@ster Festival 4 Opening" (02:54)

2010-11-05 Posted
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The Voc@loidM@ster Festival 4 has just started today! Voc@loidM@ster is a category to make NicoM@S MAD movies using songs featuring VOCALOID series and so on. During the Festival, from November 5 to 11, participants will post their movies with a specific tag. Many fine works were released in the past festivals, and we look forward to new ones!

* "NicoNicoDouga Ryusei-Gun(Meteor Shower)" feat. iM@S + Girls Side by NukoP

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"NicoNicoDouga Ryusei-Gun" is a fan made monumental medley using popular music in the NicoNicoDouga released 2008, and gained more that 3 million views. NukoP made all hand-drawing video consisting of almost one thousand illustrations for the medley. We feel a little dazzling when we imagine how much time and effort was spent for the movie. Never miss it!

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