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Nov 26, 2010 Pickups

* Marina Inoue "Houseki(Jewel)" feat Azusa and Chihaya by YurineP

Marina Inoue "Houseki(Jewel)" feat Azusa and Chihaya

Marina Inoue "Houseki(Jewel)" feat Azusa and Chihaya (01:32)

2010-11-24 Posted
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YurineP is mainly working in the NicoM@S visual novel category, but he/she released a PV style MAD movie. Its dramatic effects are quite impressive, and you should watch idols' delicate expression. Enjoy!

* Melocure "Agape" feat. Yumeko and Ryo by KaoraP

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Yumeko is a rival of Ryo in The iDOLM@STER DS. Though we do not write details of its story, this movie shows their another relation. We have picked up many movies using MMD since release of the idols' 3D model, creators's skill in the NicoM@S Community are now so great that they can make such a beautiful movie.

* Mai Kuraki "FUTURE KISS" feat. Miki by TsubasaP

Mai Kuraki "FUTURE KISS" feat. Miki

Mai Kuraki "FUTURE KISS" feat. Miki (02:37)

2010-11-26 Posted
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One of the most famous Miki lovers, TsubasaP, finally released her celebrating movie for Miki's birthday. Though she delayed, the quality of her one does not shows any compromises or corner-cuttings. Its effects may let some of you remember the style of WakamuraP, who left the NicoM@S Community. Never miss it!

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