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Dec 04, 2010 Pickups

* Sakura Wars "Kiseki-no Kane(The Bell of Miracle)" by PikkariP

Sakura Wars "Kiseki-no Kane(The Bell of Miracle)"

Sakura Wars "Kiseki-no Kane(The Bell of Miracle)" (07:50)

2010-12-03 Posted
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PikkariP's new work that we really look forward to finally has just come! As we expected, it shows a great stage with unexpected natural effects, and we can not hesitate to immediately put "Super" tag on it. It is so great that the popular composer of Sakura Wars music, Kohei Tanaka, also commented his praise for the movie. Never, never miss it.

* Louis Armstrong covered by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra "What a Wonderful World" feat. Chihaya, Miki and Yukiho by ChatamaruP

What a wonderful day, today! We have another superb work that we put "Super" tag on. This is a single-cut version of ChatamaruP's part in the nice omnibus, "KuroBaraSushi-no Toki-wo," that we haven't picked up yet. Idols dances quite beautiful scenes are extremely impressive. Never miss it!

* "3rd Anniv. Party!!" by 0711Ps

"3rd Anniv. Party!!" by 0711Ps

"3rd Anniv. Party!!" by 0711Ps (10:30)

2010-12-03 Posted
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Today's last pickup is a large omnibus work by 22 MAD movie creators who debuted November 2007. It includes a lot of diverse parts such as beautiful, funny, chaotic, laborious, cute ones. Of course, their quality is quite good, because all of them has three year career. Enjoy it!

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