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Dec 31, 2010 Pickups on New Year's Eve

* Pickups on New Year's Eve

Around New Year's Day, it is the longest holidays in Japan. However, creators in the NicoM@S Community are working very hard, and we can enjoy a lot of fine MAD movies during the vacation. Anyway, we appreciate our kind readers and hope you to enjoy NicoM@S MAD movies in 2011, too!

* Hitomi Shimatani covered by Azusa Miura "Destiny - Taiyo-no Hana(Sun Flower) -" by RidgerP and DorionP

Hitomi Shimatani covered by Azusa Miura "Destiny - Taiyo-no Hana(Sun Flower) -"

Hitomi Shimatani covered by Azusa Miura "Destiny - Taiyo-no Hana(Sun Flower) -" (02:00)

2010-12-30 Posted
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We never hesitate to put "Super" tag on this monumental movie. It is DorionP's reproduction of a part of RidgerP's great medley movie featuring Asuza deleted by used song's copyright holder's claim a few days after its release. DorionP fully used his superb manual vocaloid technology(synthesizing singing voice by combining phonemes from various sound sources) to let Azusa sing it, and finely did it. Never, never miss it!

* Mami Kawada "No buts!" feat. Miki, Haruka and Yukiho by yotaP

Sorry, sm13173194 was deleted.

The second pick up is the latest work by yotaP, the magician of synchronization. The movie is titled as "A Certain Magical Synchronized Dance," and it is a parody of a Japanese anime, "A Certain Magical Index of Prohibited Books." Just after its release, the movie immediately gains the "synchronization ratio 765%" tag. Enjoy its comfortability!

* Haruka Amami "JOYARE!" by SemimaruP and MechaP

Haruka Amami "JOYARE!"

Haruka Amami "JOYARE!" (02:23)

2010-12-30 Posted
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This is a parody of a new common number, "MEGARE!," sung by all idols in new CD series, M@ster Artist 2. SemimaruP is a real Buddhism priest, and plays the religious instruments in this movie. In Japan, all Buddhism temples ring their bells 108 times in the midnight on New Year's Eve in order to purify your 108 worldly passions. In this movie, the bell is rung 54 times. It means that you should watch it twice!

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