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Jan 10, 2011 Pickups

* blue drops "Ring My Bell" feat. Haruka and Yukiho by SosukeP

blue drops "Ring My Bell" feat. Haruka and Yukiho

blue drops "Ring My Bell" feat. Haruka and Yukiho (02:58)

2011-01-10 Posted
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Today's first pickup is an orthodox movie by SosukeP. In his previous work, he showed a cheerful movie for us featuring Haruka. In his newest movie, the duo of she and Yukiho lets us fun. Enjoy it!

* Haruka Amami "START!!" by GtamaP aka GsamaP

Haruka Amami "START!!"

Haruka Amami "START!!" (01:30)

2011-01-10 Posted
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Today, January 10th, the New Year Concert of The iDOLM@STER was held in Yokohama. At the event, there was an announcement of production of its animation. GtamaP who has just changed her nickname from GsamaP quickly released her celebration movie. As her previous work, Haruka's motion data playing the guitar was made by using Kinect. Enjoy its naturalness and be surprised by the fact that the movie had been made in a day!

* saiya "BREEZE" feat. Mai by MasP

saiya "BREEZE" feat. Mai

saiya "BREEZE" feat. Mai (04:20)

2011-01-08 Posted
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Mai, a NPC in The iDOLM@STER DS, is Ai's mother and the former legendary idol. Fortunately, we have a her high quality 3D model, so we can enjoy her movie. Its great motion data was made by tracing a dance movie of amateur dancers dancing the same song. Finally, Mai supported by two fan made male characters based on Miki and Haruka dances finely. Do not miss it!

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