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Feb 15, 2011 Pickups

* Minami Kuribayashi "Tsubasa-wa(Wings are) Pleasure Line" by OsamiAbeP

Minami Kuribayashi "Tsubasa-wa(Wings are) Pleasure Line"

Minami Kuribayashi "Tsubasa-wa(Wings are) Pleasure Line" (01:30)

2011-02-12 Posted
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This is a laborious work completely consisting of hand-drawing animation. OsamiAbeP spent three months to make the MAD movies. His/Her pretty drawing style may be unfamiliar for you, but we believe that his/her thorough work will make you fun. Do not miss it!

* SOUND HOLIC "No Life Queen" by Itoshii-SakanaP

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The next pickup is Itoshii-SakanP's entry for MikuMikuDance Cup VI. He works hard to make MAD movies that shows idols dancing on a variety of stages in The Lord of the Rings world, and this is his latest achievement. Enjoy its allstars' punch!

* Yoyoi, Ami, Mami and Miki "Valentin" by MechaP

Yoyoi, Ami, Miki and Iori "Valentin"

Yoyoi, Ami, Miki and Iori "Valentin" (01:40)

2011-02-14 Posted
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The last one is from many movies for Valentin's Day. The used song is the quartet arrangement of the iM@S official song, "Valentin," released three years ago, and it is getting seasonal song in the NicoM@S Community. Enjoy MechaP's cheerful video with pretty effects!

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