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Feb 23, 2011 Pickups

* Southern All Stars "Koi-no(Love) Jack Knife" feat. Azusa, Yukiho and Ritsuko by SeptumP

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Today's first pickup is SeptumP's latest work. Southern All Stars is a Japanese band who has been popular for more than 20 years, and some movie creators are also its fan to make NicoM@S MAD movie using its songs. SeptumP's style is using separating screen effect with nice synchronization, and you can enjoy it with this movie. Do not miss it!

* Chihaya Kisaragi "Aoi Tori(Pale Blue Bird) M@STER VERSION" LIVE in Budokan by KemaribuP

Chihaya Kisaragi "Aoi Tori(Pale Blue Bird)" LIVE in Budokan

Chihaya Kisaragi "Aoi Tori(Pale Blue Bird)" LIVE in Budokan (05:45)

2011-02-21 Posted
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KemaribuP works hard to make live style movies, and his latest work also shows Chihaya's live in Budokan, one of the most famous concert halls in Japan. Enjoy its exciting atmosphere in the live!

* MAY "Hebi-ichigo(Hautboy Strawberry)" feat. Yukiho by TarouP

MAY "Hebi-ichigo(Hautboy Strawberry)" feat. Yukiho

MAY "Hebi-ichigo(Hautboy Strawberry)" feat. Yukiho (03:35)

2011-02-23 Posted
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Today's last pickup is TarouP's cutie work. We can't express this movie without the word "cute". When Yukiho dancing in one corner, smiling, making a face and so on, always she is so cute in this movie because the song is very fitted with Yukiho. Enjoy it!

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