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Mar 07, 2011 Eri's Birthday, Pickups

* Ellie Mizutani "CROSSWORD -four marimba arrangement-" by MP

Eri Mizutani "CROSSWORD -four marimba arrangement-"

Eri Mizutani "CROSSWORD -four marimba arrangement-" (04:27)

2011-03-07 Posted
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It is Eri's birthday today! We pick up music arrangement of her song. MP made an accompaniment with four marimbas and combined with ripped her singing song. It sounds quite natural, but it was achieved by great technology. Enjoy it!

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* RyukyuDisko feat.KOTOMI "Yume-no(Dream's) Future" feat. Hibiki by TakaCP

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Because Hibiki is from Okinawa, Japanese southern islands, many MAD movies using Okinawan music are being released. Today, we pick up TakaCP's latest work among them. Its beautiful Okonawan melody quite suites Hibiki's dance. Do not miss it!

* Mash-up of Azusa's "my song" and aira mitsuki's "WHY TWO?" by WakamuraP

Mash-up of Azusa's "my song" and aira mitsuki's "WHY TWO?"

Mash-up of Azusa's "my song" and aira mitsuki's "WHY TWO?" (03:11)

2011-03-06 Posted
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Wow! Welcome back, WakamuraP! He released his work in the NicoM@S Community after a long blank, and his latest work is a mash-up song. Though he sometimes showed his music arrangement skill before, the movie clearly lets us understand how he is skillful. Enjoy it and look forward to NakamuraP's video for the music!

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