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Mar 11, 2011 Pickups

* Earthquake in Japan

Though Japan is now in difficulty by a huge earthquake and tsunami, all our staffs are fortunately now safe. However, we are afraid of that we will not update our site for several days. We hope you to understand the situation. Thank you.

* moumoon "moonlight" feat. Yukiho by KagehikoP

moumoon "moonlight" feat. Yukiho

moumoon "moonlight" feat. Yukiho (02:29)

2011-03-09 Posted
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Today's first pickup is superb maiden work by a new comer, KagehikoP. He has an extraordinary scene changes sense to synchronize sound and video, and it makes the audience very comfortable. Never miss it and look forward to his future works!

* Haruka Amami "START!!" by KanchouP

Haruka Amami "START!!"

Haruka Amami "START!!" (02:13)

2011-03-10 Posted
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KanchouP who mainly worked in the Voc@loidM@STER category has just released an orthodox all stars MAD movie using an official song from The M@STER ARTIST 02 series CD. Though its singer is Haruka, other all idols also take part as dancers. Enjoy its cheerful atmosphere and nice synchronization!

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* Chidori (Mar 12, 2011 01:19)

My sincerest condolences and prayers go out to all of the incredible citizens of Japan.

* Benpc91 (Mar 12, 2011 01:58)

I am glad to hear that all of you are safe. Prayers go to everyone else.

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