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Mar 25, 2011 Pickups on Yayoi's birthday

* Yayoi's birthday

It is Yayoi's birthday, today. Though the circumstances are still in difficult in Japan, we believe that it is precious for us to celebrate idols' birthday as usual. Many nice movies for the day have been already released, and we pick up nice three among them.

* Pray for Japan!

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* Yayoi Takatsuki "Kimi-wa(You Are) Melody" by tinoP

Sorry, sm13952407 was deleted.

The first one is tinoP's latest work. Though video material from The iDOLM@STER 2 are now in trend, video from L4U still has charm. TinoP fully used both to make the cheerful movie. Enjoy it!

* Yuuki Kajita "Yuuki-o Kudasai(Give Me Courage)" feat. Yayoi by BubblesP

Yuuki Kajita "Yuuki-o Kudasai(Give Me Courage)" feat. Yayoi

Yuuki Kajita "Yuuki-o Kudasai(Give Me Courage)" feat. Yayoi (02:06)

2011-03-25 Posted
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BubblesP's latest work also deployed The iDOLM@STER2 video material. His/Her celebrating movie is a simple MAD movie to combine another song with the video, but it has power to attract us. Do not miss it!

* ABBA "Chiquitita" feat. Yayoi by SyunkoroP

ABBA "Chiquitita" feat. Yayoi

ABBA "Chiquitita" feat. Yayoi (03:37)

2011-03-25 Posted
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There will be so many "Smiles" for you by Yayoi. ShunkoroP made a movie like that. We may be fine after watching this movie.

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