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Apr 02, 2011 Pickups

* Pray for Japan!

You can make donation for the earthquake/tsunami sufferers in Japan via PayPal:

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* mu's "Snow halation" feat. Haruka, Yukiho, Makoto, Chihaya and Mami by UshiwakaP

Sorry, sm14035258 was deleted.

Today's first pickup is UshiwakaP's latest work after a while. As you expected, he keeps his video style, and the movie with The iDOLM@STER 2 video material looks ultimately orthodox. It shows cute 5 idols dancing an idols' song with fine synchronization, and lets you comfortable. Do not miss it!

* Tsukiko Amano "Camellia" feat. Haruka by FlyinP

Tsukiko Amano "Camellia" feat. Haruka

Tsukiko Amano "Camellia" feat. Haruka (04:32)

2011-04-01 Posted
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It will be Haruka's birthday, tomorrow, April 3, and this is FlyinP's a little early celebrating movie for her. It is also a memorial movie for his first anniversary. Enjoy calm but beautiful video with Tsukiko Amano's clear singing voice!

* Serani Poji "shopping mania" by LeguminP

Serani Poji "shopping mania"

Serani Poji "shopping mania" (01:25)

2011-04-01 Posted
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We are really pleased that we can pick up a fine maiden work by another new comer just after yesterday. His video style using repeat of very short motion is quite unique and effective. Enjoy its comical movement, and look forward to his/her next works!

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