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Apr 05, 2011 Pickups

* Pray for Japan!

You can make donation for the earthquake/tsunami sufferers in Japan via PayPal:

And if you have NicoNicoDouga's accoount, you can make donation through it, too:

* school food punishment "light prayer" by Miki.bmP

Sorry, sm14064672 was deleted.

How wonder that we can pick up other nice maiden work by a new comer again! He/She has not had his nickname for the NicoM@S Community yet, but his/her movie style stands out. Let's enjoy it and look forward to his/her next works!

* urbangarde "snuff film" feat. Yukiho by TonisenP

urbangarde "snuff film" feat. Yukiho

urbangarde "snuff film" feat. Yukiho (02:15)

2011-04-03 Posted
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The second one is the latest work by TonisenP, a fine movie creator. He also uses stylish effects in the movie, but they are not too showy. Well- harmonized effects let the movie cool. Enjoy it!

* OTSUKA Ai "Happy Days" feat. Yayoi, Haruka by RukaniP

OTSUKA Ai "Happy Days" feat. Yayoi, Haruka

OTSUKA Ai "Happy Days" feat. Yayoi, Haruka (03:05)

2011-04-04 Posted
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This movie is for the birthdays of Yayoi and Haruka. Vivid colors make us feel full of energy. This song's message is that "We're glad we met up with someone like you." Feel RukaniP's love for them and enjoy!

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