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Apr 10, 2011 Pickups

* Pray for Japan!

You can make donation for the earthquake/tsunami sufferers in Japan via PayPal:

And if you have NicoNicoDouga's accoount, you can make donation through it, too:

* Perfume "Nee(Hey)" feat. Yukiho, Miki and Mami by EconomyP

Sorry, sm14101075 was deleted.

EconomyP's latest work is a golden combination with Perfume's song. During the dawn of NicoM@S Community, several legendary works using the combination boosted the boom, and EconomyP's work lets us remind it. Do not miss it!

* Miku Hatsune "Kumo-no Iseki (Cloud Ruins)" feat. Yayoi by DamuP

Miku Hatsune "Kumo-no Iseki (Cloud Ruins)" feat. Yayoi

Miku Hatsune "Kumo-no Iseki (Cloud Ruins)" feat. Yayoi (02:00)

2011-04-08 Posted
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This is a single version of DamP's entry for KAKU-Tail Party SP competition. We wonder why he decided to post it now, but we welcome that we can enjoy his great work again. Enjoy it!

* KIMURA Kaera "L.drunk" feat. Yayoi, Iori, Miki, Ami and Mami by tinoP

Sorry, sm14114091 was deleted.

TinoP's latest work shows fully speediness with comfortable synchronization and camera changes. In addition, you can enjoy the cuteness of the middle high school quintet, too. Do not miss it!

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