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Apr 13, 2011 Pickups

* Pray for Japan!

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* Base Ball Bear "changes" feat. Yukiho by ShirakawaP

Base Ball Bear "changes" feat. Yukiho

Base Ball Bear "changes" feat. Yukiho (05:01)

2011-04-06 Posted
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To tell the truth, we are worried whether we should pick this movie, or not, because Japanese ability is required to fully understand depicted story. However, we believe that the movie can carry the story's atmosphere over linguistic barrier. Enjoy Yukiho's story to change herself with her producer's support!

* Chouchou "XX(electrogirl mix)" feat. Makoto by hikaruP

Sorry, sm14117003 was deleted.

The second movie for today is an avant-garde new work by hikaruP. The used music is by Chouchou who mainly works on Second Life. The combination with hikaruP's movie with very slow dance is very cool. Do not miss it!

* Kalafina "Magia" feat. Takane

Kalafina "Magia" feat. Takane

Kalafina "Magia" feat. Takane (01:29)

2011-04-13 Posted
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The last pickup is a maiden work. He/She stages to look like a ending movie of the animation "Madoka Magica". And also, Takane's atmosphere fits well with the song. Enjoy this tite maiden work!

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