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May 25, 2011 Pikups

* Taeko Onuki "CARNIVAL" feat. Takane by MoguP

Taeko Onuki "CARNIVAL" feat. Takane

Taeko Onuki "CARNIVAL" feat. Takane (03:05)

2011-05-23 Posted
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Today's first pickup is MoguP's new work. Taeko Onuki is a Japanese popular singer and song writer, and its performing style is a little similar to Takane. Enjoy her aloofness on the stage!

* Asami Imai "Enrai (distant thunder)" feat. Chihaya by SatoP

Asami Imai "Enrai (distant thunder)" feat. Chihaya

Asami Imai "Enrai (distant thunder)" feat. Chihaya (02:13)

2011-05-23 Posted
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Asami Imai is a voice actress performing Chihaya in The iDOLM@STER series. As you know, she is also acting as a singer, and will release her 6th single CD soon. An enthusiastic her fan, SatoP, quickly made the promotion video for the song, featuring Chihaya. Do not miss it!

* Clammbon "Futari(A Couple)" feat. Ami and Mami by mitP

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Though it was a little late, this is a celebrating movie for Ami and Mami's birthday. The combination of the used lyrical music and twin's dance is quite impressive. Do not miss it!

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