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May 31, 2011 Pickups

* wowaka feat. Miku Hatsune "Rolling Girl" feat. Haruka by KusaP

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Today's first pickup is KusaP's reproduction of a mega-hit movie featuring Miku Hatsune. Hand-drawn Haruka is rolling down on a long long slope. Enjoy its taste of amateur animation!

* azusa "Yume(Dream) Note" feat. Haruka, Chihaya and Yukiho by FukayaP

azusa "Yume(Dream) Note" feat. Haruka, Chihaya and Yukiho

azusa "Yume(Dream) Note" feat. Haruka, Chihaya and Yukiho (01:31)

2011-05-26 Posted
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Can you imagine how Japanese creators connected 3D virtual idols with business management? The used song is the opening theme of an animation TV program on Japan Broadcasting Authority. Its original book is one of the best seller book in Japan, "If a girl manager of a high-school baseball club reads "Management" by Peter F. Drucker. Anyway, just enjoy it!

* ZONE covered by Ai Kayano, Haruka Tomatsu and Saori Hayami "secret base - Kimi-ga Kureta Mono(What You Gave Me)-" feat. Yukiho by SoranoTsukiP

The last one is a MAD movie using an ending theme of one of recent Japanese animations, "Ano Hana(That Flower)." Its soft-focusing effect nicely expresses the song's atmosphere. Enjoy it!

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