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Jun 10, 2011 Pickups

* group_inou "MAYBE" feat. Haruka by TorimaneroP

group_inou "MAYBE" feat. Haruka

group_inou "MAYBE" feat. Haruka (02:36)

2011-06-09 Posted
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Though we are not sure, but this is also a maiden work by a new comer, TorimaneroP, probably. He said that he could not hesitated to make it, watching other entries for HaRuKaNi`UNDER11. Captions on the screen shows lyrics of the used Japanese rap music, but the lyrics does not have certain meanings. Just enjoy it, not minding them!

* Hyadain "Hyadain-no Kakakata-Kataomoi C" by PuttsunP

Hyadain "Hyadain-no Kakakata-Kataomoi C"

Hyadain "Hyadain-no Kakakata-Kataomoi C" (01:29)

2011-06-10 Posted
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This is a parody of the opening of "Nichijou," a new Japanese animation now ongoing. PuttsunP reproduced the video with featuring The iM@S idols. If you know about the animation, you can enjoy it more. If you don't, just enjoy its lively atmosphere!

* "Little Match Girl" feat. Azusa, Miki and Nao by NakanaP

"Little Match Girl" feat. Azusa, Miki and Nao

"Little Match Girl" feat. Azusa, Miki and Nao (03:24)

2011-06-09 Posted
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The last one is a movie inspired by the match in Andersen's "The Little Match Girl." Nao Hoshii is Miki's elder sister. The movie's story begins with the scene Nao and Azusa talking with. They drink at the club with live music where Azusa performed first time. And then, they dance and sing together for their memory with Miki. That is brief description of the movie. Enjoy the fairy-tale live performance!

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