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Jun 21, 2011 Pickups

* Ai Otsuka "Sakuranbo(Cherry)" feat. Haruka by MCFP

Ai Otsuka "Sakuranbo(Cherry)" feat. Haruka

Ai Otsuka "Sakuranbo(Cherry)" feat. Haruka (02:00)

2011-06-17 Posted
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MCFP is a unique movie creator who works so hard in Comment Art(CA) category, and have released some nice movies as back ground of CA. Though this is the latest one of them, we are not sure that non-Japanese OS can show it properly. However, CA does not come to boring movies, and this movie is quite nice and cheerful. Enjoy it!

* pop'n music 18 "Sakimori Renka(Guardian's Love Song)" feat. Makoto and Yukiho by OnsenP

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This is also the debuting work by a great new comer. Though it is quite short movie, it must give you vivid impression with its Japanese taste. Enjoy it and look forward to his/her following works!

* Minori Chihara "Aoi Kotou(Pale Blue Island)" feat. Makoto by OkakenP

Minori Chihara "Aoi Kotou(Pale Blue Island)" feat. Makoto

Minori Chihara "Aoi Kotou(Pale Blue Island)" feat. Makoto (02:03)

2011-06-20 Posted
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OkakenP who had debuted a month ago with the nice maiden work released an expected second work. His second movie also shows his thorough job. Enjoy the orthodox effects!

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