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Jul 02, 2011 Pickups

* Shikao Shiga "19-sai(19 Years Old)" feat. Ritsuko by UhhoP

Shikao Shiga "19-sai(19 Years Old)" feat. Ritsuko

Shikao Shiga "19-sai(19 Years Old)" feat. Ritsuko (04:02)

2011-06-28 Posted
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Though UhhoP is now changing his nickname in the NicoM@S Community, we call him his original name in our website. Anyway, his latest work is quite stylish and sexy, though the singer of the used song is a male vocalist. Enjoy Ritsuko's beauty.

* marianne Amplifier feat. yuka "Pressentiment Triste" feat. Chihaya by M2P

Sorry, sm14873477 was deleted.

Some enthusiastic Chihaya lovers calls July 2 Chihaya memorial day, but this is the memorial work for M2P's third anniversary, featuring Chihaya. Though the esed song is sung in French, this is the ending theme of Japanese animataion, Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase-. Enjoy Chihaya's beauty in the fantastic atmosphere, too!

* Rina Satou, Marina Innoue and Minori Chihaya "Keiken-chi Josho-chu(Experience Points Increasing)" by LogicP

The newest download contents(DLC) include new vivid swimsuits for all idols, and many movie creators quickly made their movies using them. In addition, some idols' hair style becomes pretty ponytail. Do not miss it!

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