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Jul 04, 2011 Pickups

* DOPING PANDA "YA YA" feat. Miki, Chihaya and Hibiki by TakkyuP

DOPING PANDA "YA YA" feat. Miki, Chihaya and Hibiki

DOPING PANDA "YA YA" feat. Miki, Chihaya and Hibiki (01:22)

2011-06-30 Posted
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TakkyuP's latest work was originally made for the announcement of The NicoM@S Best 20 Selection in Earlier 2011 event, to share the audience's own 20 best selections from NicoM@S MAD movies released between January 1 and June 30, 2011. And this is the no-caption version. Enjoy its nice synchronization! We will show you the event movies like the previous one.

* Takuma Terashima "Niji-Iro(Rainbow Color) Over Drive!" feat. The iM@S Girl's Side by NukoP

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A laborious great work has come into the iM@S Girl's Side category that has been a little inactive for a while. NikoP made a parody opening movie, inspired by the animation of The iDOLM@STER that will come very soon. Enjoy it, especially girls!

* EPO covered by Maaya Sakamoto "DOWN TOWN" feat. Azusa, Chihaya and Makoto by GryphonP

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This is our first pickup of GryphonP's works. He/She debuted last April, and he/she works so hard that it is his/her 6th one. Its video stylishly shows idols' dance on a small stage like a jazz club. Short cuts inserted effectively let us feel its rhythm. Enjoy it!

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