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Jul 06, 2011 Pickups

* Kou Shibasaki "invitation" feat. Chihaya by TsumaoP

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TsumaoP worked very hard before, and now takes a rest. This movie is his past work, but he uploaded this movie again by audience's request. It looks quite orthodox, but it is also very fine work to make Chihaya sing with back dancers, Haruka and Miki. Do not miss it!

* Chihaya Kisaragi "my song" by ShojonP

Chihaya Kisaragi "my song"

Chihaya Kisaragi "my song" (02:15)

2011-07-03 Posted
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ShojonP's latest work is an edited normal PV. Edited normal PVs are made by assembling many cuts from normal dance video, and they vividly show idols' and songs' charm. Especially, we do not want you to miss such works by a skillful movie creator like ShojonP. Enjoy it!

* SONIC WORLD ADVENTURE "Dear My Friend" feat. Chihaya by ShimitsuP

SONIC WORLD ADVENTURE "Dear My Friend" feat. Chihaya

SONIC WORLD ADVENTURE "Dear My Friend" feat. Chihaya (05:28)

2011-07-02 Posted
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This is our second pickup of ShimituP's works after more than two years blank. This is a story-telling MAD movie, and it shows Chihaya's memory. After the game story, she went to the USA to keep trying with her songs, and this movie starts with her arrival scene to Japan. Though there are some Japanese caption, we think that you can understand the story. Enjoy it!

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