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Jul 13, 2011 Pickups

* Elio-o Kamatte-chan "Os-Uchu-jin(Os-Alien)" feat. Yukiho and Takane by CAMELP

Sorry, sm14990461 was deleted.

CAMELP's latest work after a little long blank is a quite laborious movie. For The iDOLM@STER 2, the secret command to change back-ground into blue screen has not discovered yet. It means that clipping characters requires a lot of trouble in spite of some automated tools. However, he shows fully clipped idols and the future possibility to make more freely assembled video. Enjoy it!

* Miku Hatsune covered by Kahimi Karie "Piano Lesson" feat. Yukiho by AerieP

Sorry, sm14985413 was deleted.

We are sorry that we could not find who covered the used song. Anyway, AerieP's latest work nicely uses sketch-like effect to make its pictorial atmosphere. Whenever you still the video, you can enjoy the beautiful watercolor paintings. Do not miss it! P.S. AerieP kindly let us know about the singer, and we corrected the title.

* Yumi Arai "14th Moon (Ju-yonbanmeno Tsuki)" feat. Haruka by PoP

Sorry, sm14996099 was deleted.

You may be aware, the first half of this year has gone. This MAD movie is made from some great ones in the first half of this year. Haruka's facial expression makes us feel a sense of nostalgia. Let's watch and you'll become cocooned in floaty bliss.

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