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Jul 30, 2011 Pickups from HaRuKarnival'11

* HaRuKarnival'11

HaRuKarnival'11, the event to make live style MAD movies featuring Haruka and watch them together on Nico Nama(Live) system is now going on. It was the deadline to register entries for the event yesterday, and a lot of great movies were posted. Though we picked up nice ones like these, there are so many great movies that we can not hesitate to pick up other nice three, today.

* Perfume "NIGHT FLIGHT" feat. Haruka, Takane and Miki by RukaniP

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Perfume's music is now listened to in world wide, because their song is used in Pixer's "Cars2." In the NicoM@S Community, their music is also popular, and RukaniP's entry shows great dance nicely reproducing Perfume's one. Never miss it!

* Nana Mizuki "SCARLET NIGHT" feat. Haruka by museP

Nana Mizuki "SCARLET NIGHT" feat. Haruka by museP

Nana Mizuki "SCARLET NIGHT" feat. Haruka by museP (02:09)

2011-07-29 Posted
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MuseP's entry uses the opening song of "DOGDAYS" anime. His video style is very straight, and this movie also expresses Haruka's dance performance finely. Just enjoy it!

* Haruka, Chihaya and Yayoi "Live FO(U)R" by KanchouP

Haruka, Chihaya and Yayoi "Live FO(U)R"

Haruka, Chihaya and Yayoi "Live FO(U)R" (04:19)

2011-07-30 Posted
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HaRuKarnival requires "live style" movies of its entries, but KanchouP's entry shows a superb live atmosphere. Its audio effects including audience's cheers let us excited. Do not miss it!

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