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Aug 06, 2011 Pickups

* "iM@S Ronpa(Confutation)" by JifuP and AruP

"iM@S Ronpa(Confutation)" by JifuP and AruP

"iM@S Ronpa(Confutation)" by JifuP and AruP (02:28)

2011-08-05 Posted
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This is a parody movie of "Dangan Ronpa(Bullet Confutation)" PSP game, featuring The iM@S idols. Unfortunately, you may not understand fully its parodies, if you have not played the game. However, its video skill by legendary NicoM@S creators, JifuP and AruP, is so nice that you can enjoy it. Do not miss!

* Iori Minase "DIAMOND" feat. RyuguKomachi by DodoriaP

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Iori's new song, "DIAMOND," is greatly welcomed in the NicoM@S Community, and there have been already many nice MAD movies using it like this. We should add DodoriaP's new work to the list, because it is so nice that it immediately gained "Holy Place for RyuguKomachi's Fans" tag.

* Akira Terao covered by Haruka Amami "Ruby-no Yubiwa(Ring of Ruby)" by GolP

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Original one of the used song was a super hit song in Japan in 1981. Haruka's voice actress covered the song recently, and GolP made video using the song. GolP mainly worked NovelsM@STER category, so this is our first pickup of his. Enjoy it!

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