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Aug 19, 2011 Pickups

* Haruka Amami "START!! -Live in the Dome-" by GtamaP (aka GsamaP)

Haruka Amami "START!! -Live in the Dome-" by GtamaP

Haruka Amami "START!! -Live in the Dome-" by GtamaP (01:40)

2011-08-17 Posted
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Finally, GtamaP (aka GsamaP), the leading creator in MMD category of The NicoM@S Community, released her entry for HaRuKarnival'11 that will end in this weekend. Of course, hers fully used MMD and Kinect to make Haruka's live stage in the Dome. Never miss it!

* Miki, Yukiho and Yayoi "Tick-Tock" by TokachiP

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Because of The iDOLM@STER anime, not only new creators comes to the NicoM@S Community, but old members also uses the anime video material for their works. TokachiP, the magician of dance synchronization, is also the one. He uses a ballad by Miki, Yayoi and Yukiho, and shows idols' precious scenes with it. Do not miss it!

* hitomi "LOVE2000" by MukiRinP

hitomi "LOVE2000"

hitomi "LOVE2000" (04:33)

2011-08-17 Posted
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MukirinP's latest work is a little unique and stylish all-stars' movie. He wrote that he felt that the used song was his own theme song of The iDOLM@STER 2, and we also understand it. Enjoy all-stars' cheerful atmosphere!

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