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Aug 24, 2011 Pickups

* Ron covered by Cocoa "Sweet Magic" feat. Haruka by GtamaP(aka GsamaP)

Ron covered by Cocoa "Sweet Magic" feat. Haruka

Ron covered by Cocoa "Sweet Magic" feat. Haruka (03:37)

2011-08-24 Posted
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GtamaP(aka GsamaP) working extremely hard recently, quickly releases cheerful works. This movie is an integrated works by variety of creators in Nico Nico Douga. The song was composed by an amateur composer, Junkey, and sung by an amateur singer, Ron. Another singer, Cocoa, covered it, and SekkenP made dance motion on MMD. GtamaP collaborated all of them, featuring Haruka and Miki, modeled by Kurauchi. Is this complicated? But this is the CGM! Do not miss it!

* Serph "missing" feat. Chihaya by toaiP

Serph "missing" feat. Chihaya

Serph "missing" feat. Chihaya (02:15)

2011-08-21 Posted
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This is our second pickup of toaiP's works. He wrote in his previous work that he took some break until 2012, but we are happy that he could not hesitate to make MAD movies. his latest work uses Japanese private composer's music. ToaiP's avant-garde video edit quite suits the cutting-edge music. Enjoy it!

* NoaNowa "Have a Good Day!" feat. Haruka by KagehikoP

NoaNowa "Have a Good Day!" feat. Haruka

NoaNowa "Have a Good Day!" feat. Haruka (02:41)

2011-08-21 Posted
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One of the most expected movie creators who debuted in 2011, KagehikoP, released his latest work. NoaNowa's cute voice really suits Haruka's pretty dance. Of course, its fine video edit is what we should not miss. Enjoy its cheerful atmosphere!

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