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Sep 02, 2011 Pickups

* autumn leave's "minds (flavor remix)" feat. Hibiki by AerieP

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AerieP's latest work shows Hibiki airily dancing a rhythmical song. Though he changed the color of her costume into her theme color, light blue, it is too natural to be aware the modification. Enjoy her dance!

* Haruka, Miki and Haruka "I Want" by GtamaP(aka GsamaP)

Haruka, Miki and Haruka "I Want"

Haruka, Miki and Haruka "I Want" (02:13)

2011-08-31 Posted
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One of Haruka's theme songs, "I Want," is now available for The iDOLM@STER 2 as download contents(DLC). GtamaP quickly released its edited PV, featuring Haruka, Miki and Hibiki. Especially, Hibiki's Punkish-Gothic costume makes its first appearance. Do not miss it!

* K-ON "No, Thank You!" feat. Takane by BlackyP

K-ON "No, Thank You!" feat. Takane

K-ON "No, Thank You!" feat. Takane (03:03)

2011-09-02 Posted
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BlackeyP's latest work finely shows Takane's charm. The used song is from the most popular current anime, K-ON, Its synchronization with her dance is very fine in spite of the fast rhythm. Do not miss it!

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