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Sep 13, 2011 Pickups

* Chihaya Kiasaragi "Aoi-Tori(A Pale Blue Bird)" by ASUKA_ELAP

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A lot of new comers from anime MAD category come to The NicoM@S Commmunity, using The iDOLM@STER anime video material. ASUKA_ELAP's work shows Chihaya's image, using her repertoire, "Aoi-Tori(A Pale Blue Bird)." Do not miss her mixed sentiment.

* Otogi-Banashi "Neon-BOYS" feat. Haruka by MusuhiraP

Otogi-Banashi "Neon-BOYS" feat. Haruka

Otogi-Banashi "Neon-BOYS" feat. Haruka (03:06)

2011-09-11 Posted
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MusuhiraP's latest work is Haruka's solo PV. Its a little slow dance enhances her charms well, especially her mild facial expressions. Enjoy it!

* m-flo "orbit-3" by MukirinP

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MukirinP made a movie with a wistful song about one-way loves. The moist song fits so well with the idols. Especially, Azusa looks so cool and beautiful. Watch out!

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