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Oct 12, 2011 Pickups

* Hilcrhyme "Shun-Ka-Shuu-Tou(The Four Seasons)" feat. Hibiki by KoppapP

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KoppapP enjoys en established reputation for his movie style making us imagine the story, and his celebrating movie for Hibiki's birthday shows her story in the four seasons. Enjoy its beautiful scenes moving us!

* Rie "Ama-no Umi(The Sky Sea)" feat. Haruka

Rie "Ama-no Umi(The Sky Sea)" feat. Haruka

Rie "Ama-no Umi(The Sky Sea)" feat. Haruka (02:30)

2011-10-10 Posted
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This movie was anonymously posted, so we can not show its creators name. The used song's title is very similar to Haruka's family name, and it sings the forbidden love by woman's strong vocal. This movie shows Haruka's lyrical dance synchronized with the song. Do not miss it.

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* sakanaction "Bahha-no Senritsu-wo Yoru-ni Kiita-sei-desu(Because I Listened to Bach's Melody at Night)" feat. Chihaya, Takane and Yukiho by SAIdP

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SAIdP is a new comer who debuted last September, and mainly works in AniM@S MAD category. However, his latest work is an typical NicoM@S MAD movie using video from The iDOLM@STER 2 game. The combination of monochrome video and techno music is quite stylish. Enjoy it!

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