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Oct 22, 2011 Pickups

* Azusa Miura "Mythmaker -The Apocrypha-" by Die-ToryoP

Azusa Miura "Mythmaker -The Apocrypha-"

Azusa Miura "Mythmaker -The Apocrypha-" (04:27)

2011-10-21 Posted
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Die-ToryoP enjoys established reputation as a skillful music player and arranger, and his latest work makes us fully enjoy it. Azusa's "Mythmaker" is a popular song in the NicoM@S Community, and there are many nice works using it like this. We are happy to add a new one on the golden list. Never miss it!

* Morning Musume. "Roman -MY DEAR BOY-" by GyoP

Morning Musume. "Roman -MY DEAR BOY-"

Morning Musume. "Roman -MY DEAR BOY-" (02:40)

2011-10-21 Posted
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What a nice day it is today! We can enjoy GyoP's great new work, too. Morning Musume. was one of the model units of The iDOLM@STER game, and their songs quite suit The iM@S video. GyoP is one of the greatest creator of the combination, and shows his movie of tremendous quality. Do not miss it!

* LUNA SEA "TONIGHT" feat. Makoto, Miki and Yukiho by SeptumP

Sorry, sm15947582 was deleted.

Recently, SeptumP work so hard that this is his 52th work, and it is surprising that every works are quite fine. Especially, his latest work immediately gained more than 15% MyList/View ratio. Do not miss "eternal triangle" trio's cool dance!

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