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Nov 11, 2011 Pickups

* BOOM BOOM SATELLITES "FIENDS" feat. Miki, Haruka, Yayoi, Hibiki and Mami by HoppekunP

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BOOM BOOM SATELLITES is a Japanese big-beat music group mainly performing in Europe. Though we were worried whether we should wait until next Western day, we could not hesitate to pick it up. HoppekunP's video stylishly expresses the repeated phrase in the song with quintet dance of idols. Do not miss it!

* Yukiho Hagiwara "Kosmos, Cosmos -Galactic Edit-" by thumbP

Yukiho Hagiwara "Kosmos, Cosmos -Galactic Edit-"

Yukiho Hagiwara "Kosmos, Cosmos -Galactic Edit-" (07:17)

2011-11-09 Posted
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We are very happy that one of the greatest music arranger, thumbP, released his latest work! This is a mashed-up number with DAISHI DANCE & MITOMI TOKOTO "Galaxy." The theme of both are the universe, so their compatibility is quite nice. Enjoy and dance it!

* THE SEATBELTS "Tank!" feat. Haruka, Chihaya and Miki by MuroP

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The used music, Tank!, composed by Yoko Kanno is a masterpiece among the opening themes of Japanese animations. MuroP's maiden work in the NicoM@S PV category is as cool as it. Especially, his choice of dances is extraordinary. Do not miss it!

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