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Nov 17, 2011 Western Day

* Western Day

Every Thursday,
on Western music you'll watch GREAT iM@S MAD videos.
Rocks, Pops and sometimes Classical music!?
Don't miss 'em!

* Michael Jackson "Thriller" feat. Mizuki by LostsoulP

Michael Jackson "Thriller" feat. Mizuki

Michael Jackson "Thriller" feat. Mizuki (02:52)

2011-11-13 Posted
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Mizuki is a rival character in The iM@S comic, and a volunteer in MMD Community has just released her 3D model. LostsoulP quickly made a nice movie for Michael Jackson's masterpiece, combining available material. Do not miss its beautiful scenes!

* Spice girls "moveover" feat. Hibiki by KaoraP

Spice girls "moveover" feat. Hibiki

Spice girls "moveover" feat. Hibiki (02:40)

2011-11-13 Posted
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KaoraP's latest work is also a nice MMD movie. He wrote that he made it for Hibiki's new and nice costume, Punkish Gothic. The used dance motion data is also popular and sexy, the movie shows Hibiki's new charm. Do not miss it!

* Lil' Louis "Do U Luv Me" feat. Azusa

Lil' Louis "Do U Luv Me" feat. Azusa

Lil' Louis "Do U Luv Me" feat. Azusa (01:52)

2011-11-13 Posted
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Today's last pickup has style. Softly darkened colors are so beautiful and fitted so well for Azusa. Its creator has had no name as producer yet, but he/she will make other good movie again. Let's be intoxicated with Azusa's beauty tonight?

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