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Nov 26, 2011 Pickups

* "Master Artist 2 Medley"

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Master Artist 2 series consists of 13 solo CDs by all The iM@S idols. Many movie creators unite and make a massive omnibus MAD movie using songs from the series. Though it is 19 minute long, enjoy their variety and quality!

* capsule "Hello" feat. Haruka by AsagiP

capsule "Hello" feat. Haruka

capsule "Hello" feat. Haruka (01:41)

2011-11-25 Posted
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AsagiP is a movie creator exclusively working for Haruka, and of course, his latest work also features her. The combination of The iM@S and capsule is also the big source of nice works, and this is the newest example. Enjoy it!

* Maki Oguro "Anything Goes!" by takasiP

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takasiP mainly works in NovelsM@ster category, and this is his first MAD movie using AniM@S video category. The used song is the opening theme of Kamen(Masked) Rider OOO, but the video's synchronization is awesome. Do not miss it!

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