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Nov 28, 2011 Pickups

* MAX "Give me a shake" feat. Miki, Makoto and Yukiho by KeibuP

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Though KeibuP is famous for his comic backchat with his wife in his comment, the quality of his movies are also outstandingly nice. Because he always chooses a little minor songs, his movies does not gain so many views. However, its MyList/View ratio is quite high. Do not miss it!

* Akiko Hasegawa "Simply Lovely" feat. Miki by ptyannP

Akiko Hasegawa "Simply Lovely" feat. Miki

Akiko Hasegawa "Simply Lovely" feat. Miki (03:20)

2011-11-26 Posted
137 Mylists

ptyannP exclusively works for Miki, and his latest work is also the celebrating movie for Miki's birthday. Though it is a little late, it is much earlier than the previous year. As you know, Akiko Hasegawa is Miki's voice actress, and the used song is from her CD. Enjoy its compatibility and Miki's cuteness!

* SNoW "NightmaRe" feat. Makoto by HashiP

SNoW "NightmaRe" feat. Makoto

SNoW "NightmaRe" feat. Makoto (01:31)

2011-11-27 Posted
600 Mylists

One of the top movie creator, HashiP, also releases his trailer movie of VerRockFestival11 event. The used song is the second opening theme of "Jigoku Shoujo(Hell Girl)." He finely reproduces the opening movie, featuring Makoto. Do not miss it!

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