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Jan 06, 2012 Pickups

* 765PRO ALLSTARS "Jibun REST@RT(Restart Myself)" by KemaribuP

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Have you ever watch the scene of idol's live in the animation "The Idolm@ster"? KamaribuP made reappearance movie of the scene. Watching this movie, you'll be so fun! Enjoy it! And then, if you want to compare it with the animation, watch below.

* DJ YOSHITAKA "SHION" feat. Yukiho by LoveJanP


DJ YOSHITAKA "SHION" feat. Yukiho (02:03)

2012-01-05 Posted
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LovejanP made so cool dancing movie. He used movies of games "The Idolm@ster" and "The Idolm@ster 2" with a plug-in which makes movies bluey. He showed us how Yukiho dances so cool. Enjoy it!

* 765PRO ALLSTARS "READY!!" and "CHANGE!!!!" by GangesP

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This movie is, by some chance, one of the best movies settled on the subject matter of Animation "The Idolm@ster". Every members' scenes shows us their progress and all members' dance moves us heart. Watch out!

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