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Feb 06, 2012 Pickups

* MUNEHIRO "Matsuri(Festival)" by GyoP

MUNEHIRO "Matsuri(Festival)"

MUNEHIRO "Matsuri(Festival)" (02:37)

2012-02-04 Posted
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We picked up the latest work of GyoP again after a day. We think that it's difficult to make synchronization with this song and dance. But this synchronization is so nice like that the dance is made for this song. There are so many features that make us feel it long.

* ORIGINAL LOVE "Seppun(Kiss)" faet. Ritsuko by Miki.bmP

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Miki.bmp made a movie which has tender atmosphere fit well with the song. You'll be calm watching this slow and mellow dance

* Tokyo Jihen "Onnanoko-nara Daredemo (Every Girl Is...)" feat. Haruka by GlassP

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We're surprised by GlassP's new work. It's because how GlassP elaborates background images and combine it and Haruka naturally. This work is a minute short. Anyway, the time flew by quickly and you'll watch it again and again.

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