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Mar 03, 2012 Pickups

* Touma's birthday

It's Touma's birthday, today! Several dozens of MAD movie creators are posting celebration MAD movies on Nico Nico Douga. We picked up some of them today.

* YAMASHITA Tatsuro "Amaku kiken-na kaori" feat. Touma by FunyatinP

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Today's first pickup is FunyatinP's work. Slow song and dance are synchronized so well. Touma like this movie is cool.

* Do As Infinity "WADACHI" by Ko-ruP

Do As Infinity "WADACHI"

Do As Infinity "WADACHI" (04:49)

2012-03-03 Posted
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This is Ko-ruP's imagined Touma's story before he became an idol and after building up a circle of friends as JUPITER. And it's a hand drawing movie. Watching it, you'll want to say Touma. "It's so good that you have responsible partakers of your joys and sorrows."

* SOUTAISEI RIRON "Gakkyu Houkai(Classroom Chaos)" feat. Eri by ATP

SOUTAISEI RIRON "Gakkyu Houkai(Classroom Chaos)" feat. Eri

SOUTAISEI RIRON "Gakkyu Houkai(Classroom Chaos)" feat. Eri (01:36)

2012-02-29 Posted
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AIP's new work is good combination of Eri and the song fitted well with her. It's so nice combination that we think Eri may have covered this song. In the future, there will be producers who make movies with this combination.

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