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Mar 17, 2012 Pickups

* ARARAGI Tsukihi "Hakkin(Platinum) disco" feat. Ritsuko by KurumiP

ARARAGI Tsukihi "Hakkin(Platinum) disco" feat. Ritsuko

ARARAGI Tsukihi "Hakkin(Platinum) disco" feat. Ritsuko (01:30)

2012-03-16 Posted
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To make a movie with this song seems to be prevalent among NicoM@s producers. KurumiP chose Ritsuko in Japanese clothes for this movie. Because Tsukihi in "Nise Monogatari" always wears kimono.

* KOUDA Kumi "real Emotion" feat. Chihaya, Miki and Makoto by ChikamichiP

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ChikamichiP posted this movie for Chihaya's birthday celebration. You think it's too late? Hmm, don't mind. The most important thing is love for idols.

* Minmi "Shiki no uta(Song of four seasons)" by OrescoP

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There are so many nice animation MAD movies in NicoM@s community. This OrescoP's work is one of them. We hope you enjoy it.

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