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Mar 30, 2012 Pickups

* "Watashitachi wa zutto ... deshou? (We're Forever... Right?)" feat. Yayoi, Makoto, Miki, Chihaya and Haruka by GtamaP(aka GsamaP)

Many producers created movies using this new song which is used in the 25th episode of Idolmaster animation. Our first pickup of them is GtamaP's work. Niconico audience commented that both the song and dance are so cute. We agree with them and want to play it repeatedly, right?

* IMAI Asami "Hasta La Vista" feat. Chihaya by SatoP

IMAI Asami "Hasta La Vista" feat. Chihaya

IMAI Asami "Hasta La Vista" feat. Chihaya (01:48)

2012-03-29 Posted
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IMAI Asami who is the voice actress of Chihaya release her 8th single on Apr 25th. SatoP made a movie of the new song as usual. If you would like to listen to it longer, you can do it a little longer on YouTube.

* Momoiro Clover Z "DNA Kyoushikyoku(Rhapsody)" feat. Haruka, Iori, Mami, Ritsuko and Azusa

Sorry, sm17387088 was deleted.

This is a well-synchronized video with an encouraging song. He/she also uploaded making movie of this work. It's very interesting.

Making of sm17387088

Making of sm17387088 (04:15)

2012-03-31 Posted
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