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Apr 07, 2012 Pickups

* Agatsuma Hiromitsu "Oto-ranbu(Sounds dance) -Jongara Yosakoi-" by AkapenP

Agatsuma Hiromitsu "Oto-ranbu(Sounds dance) -Jongara Yosakoi-"

Agatsuma Hiromitsu "Oto-ranbu(Sounds dance) -Jongara Yosakoi-" (04:19)

2012-04-07 Posted
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We picked up one of "FRISKPm@ster" works again. It's surprising that a music with Japanese musical instruments fits in this stylish movie. Don't miss it!

* Amami Haruka covered Yuki Saito "Kanashimi-yo Konnichiwa (Hello, my sadness)" by PajamaP

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PajamaP made a movie for Haruka's birthday using the same song which TakaCP chose for his/her video. It's interesting that there is a wide difference in atmosphere between PajamaP's work and TakaCP's one.

* Biblia "A New Hope" feat. Eri by mitP

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This mitP's work is very lovely. Watching this movie, we felt as though our heart were being washed clean.

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