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Apr 11, 2012 Pickups

* IIJIMA Mari "Ringo no mori no koneko tachi(Kittens in the apple forest)" feat. Yukiho, Azusa, Hibiki, Iori and Yayoi by Nomin-pooP

What a cuuuuuuuute video it is! That's all we want to say about it. Please see it anyway.

* AMAMI Haruka "Jibun REST@RT Funkot Remix" by YON-X

AMAMI Haruka "Jibun REST@RT Funkot Remix"

AMAMI Haruka "Jibun REST@RT Funkot Remix" (06:08)

2012-04-08 Posted
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Funkot Remix is like well-established as one of remix genre in NicoM@s Community. We don't know who started to call but it has known as "M@SKOT". Once you listen them, you'll give yourself up to them. And illustrations also cute and joyful.

* BONNIE PINK "Tonight, the Night" feat. Haruka, Yukiho and Miki by Gre-monP

Sorry, sm17512023 was deleted.

Beautiful blue and slow dances in this movie is quite impressive. You feel at peace with yourself, don't you?

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