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Apr 17, 2012 Pickups

* our favorite fab "Yellow Rock" feat. Makoto by SO2P

our favorite fab "Yellow Rock" feat. Makoto

our favorite fab "Yellow Rock" feat. Makoto (01:56)

2012-04-16 Posted
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Do you know the way of stop motion movie? In Japan, we say it as "Koma-Dori" and this movie is a "Mako- dori" movie. You'll be happy and can't stop watching it. Enjoy it!

* Runa.P "BLACKHOLE" feat. Yukiho by PicochocoP and Runa.P

Runa.P "BLACKHOLE" feat. Yukiho

Runa.P "BLACKHOLE" feat. Yukiho (02:34)

2012-04-14 Posted
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PinochocoP released a music video 2 years to the day. It's like a movie of music games. Watch out!

* perfume "Ne-e(Hi)" feat. Yukiho, Miki and Chihaya by ShionP

Sorry, sm17658475 was deleted.

ShionP made a replicate movie of perfume. Idols are the unit which WakamuraP used for PerfumeM@ster. While movements are so well, camera work is so cool. Don't miss it!

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