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Apr 27, 2012 Pickups from PerfumeM@ster

* PerfumeM@sterFestival -Sweet- by ShonenP, BetanuriP, MeiroP, TokachiP, dbdbP, GurimoP, MoriKinokoP, YamanekoP, GomaP, NonowanP, ParuputeP and rabbitP

PerfumeM@sterFestival -Sweet-

PerfumeM@sterFestival -Sweet- (10:52)

2012-04-27 Posted
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* PerfumeM@sterFestival -Bitter- by TsubasaP, NamelessP, ShiuyaP, RoughtimeP, KitsuneP, FRISKP, IrohaP, TomoP, AnsokukoP, mizuchiP, SabotenP, KIDP and rabbitP

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Here are great collaborations! It's awesome to assemble such top creators of Nicom@s community. Seeing them, time surely goes by very quickly. Don't miss them!

* Perfume mini medley by MinikonP and RacoonP

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MinikonP knew the above collaborative projects when he/she was making this medley video. But MinikonP didn't shrink at its splendid participants and posted his/her movie on the same day. We are sure that you'll become also happy by watching this movie. Enjoy!

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