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May 05, 2012 Pickups for Iori's Birthday

* Iori's Birthday

Today is Iori's birthday! Plenty of works celebrating Iori are now being posted! Though we wavered among many choices, here is nice three from them.

* MINASE Iori "Automatic" by WataridoriP

MINASE Iori "Automatic"

MINASE Iori "Automatic" (02:20)

2012-05-05 Posted
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When you listen to a singing voice of this movie, you will be surprised at its naturalness. Maybe you aren't, because you have already known that there are some Nicom@s creators skillful in editing manual vocaloid work. Anyway, this is wonderful. Listen!

* HIRANO Aya "Super Driver" by HamuoP

HIRANO Aya "Super Driver"

HIRANO Aya "Super Driver" (01:29)

2012-05-05 Posted
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Our previous pickup was a MAD movie by using the 1st opening song of "SUZUMIYA HARUHI no yuuutsu". And now, HamuoP uses the 2nd opening song for this video. Compare it with the original movie below.

Sorry, sm13719677 was deleted.

* MINASE Iori "Ah yokatta" feat. Iori, Azusa and Ami by KelmaP

Sorry, sm17732524 was deleted.

"Here is a Iori's birthday secret live movie." We want to say so about his KelmaP's work. Please enjoy her singing voice in nice atmosphere.

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